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Tuesday, February 21st 2012


We've all been there -- standing in a clothing store frustrated because different jeans can make our digures look too big, small, wide, short, and in general, frumpy.

All you want is a comfortable and versatile pair of jeans that make you look and feel good!

On March 6th, Rivet and Tailor -- Hamilton's go-to Jean boutique tailored for real women -- and, Christie Ressel, Fashion Expert and International Image Consultant have teamed up for a special evening to help you find the perfect pair of denim!

Wouldn't you love to have a stylist show you their tips and tricks to help you find their right denim for you?

Learn some easy but powerful guidelines to help you shop for the best shapes & fit for your own shape.

Christie and Rivet and Tailor will show you the do's and dont's of jean shopping. You'll receive your own personalized advice and mini shopping time with them!

Christie is a shopping and style expert, fashion writer, editor, and regularly featured in the media across North America.


Where and When:

Where: Rivet & Tailor, 136 James Street South

When: Tuesday March 6th from 7-9pm

Cost: $30/person (payable at the door)

To Book: Call 905-524-5151 or email


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