Effortless style awaits you.

We've all seen another friend, colleague or stranger walk down the street looking beautifully put together with just a few simple pieces and all the right accessories. She's confident, comfortable and looks like effortlessly chic.

This can be you.

Most women can look in a mirror and know if they look good. The problem is, when something is 'off', they may not know what or why specifically. With your image consultant, you'll learn more about your own style; define it, and show you how to make it work in your life for any occassion.  

Your personal style coach will talk about how to take a few pieces and turn them into multple outfits and of course teach you to style your body type in a way that makes you feel great when we put together you're own signature image.

Please feel welcome to browse services that may fit you best, read our blog to see past tips or contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you! 

Warmest wishes, 

Christie Ressel, Image Consultant